Welcome to the ArtFabric Gallery by Elena Ulyanova. Batik, Silkpainting, etc.

Artist's statement

I've always thought of cloth as a live substance of certain features and peculiarities, suggesting its secrets and stories to reveal.

I love to work with different surfaces, from heavyweight textiles to sheer lightweight gauze. For each texture I explore special approaches - wax resist and silkpainting, as well as some techniques that I developed myself, this would be my range.

Each time that I start a new piece, an exciting dialogue with the cloth happens, when it responds to my curiosity, telling me a story of its own. And this is the process I've always been intrigued by.

Sometimes work would last weeks, sometimes years. The final result is all about how well I got the point in the dialogue with the cloth, whether it is a beautiful fairy tale of lightweight silk, or a fascinating story of heavy cotton or hemp. I work in my studio everyday revealing the cloth's secrets, and still I feel how little I know of them.

Welcome to the collected works of my textile tales!

Elena Ulyanova

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